2024 guide to Google & Yahoo’s new requirements for email

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Send emails that deliver

Put your emails to the test before sending them to your prospects.

Simple solution: use our email tester to check your email content and deliverability. Ensure your emails are not marked as spam and reach the inbox.

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Write spam free emails

Make sure your emails are not marked as spam by email service providers.

Simple solution: use our content spam checker to process your email content against spam triggers. The lower the spam score, the higher the chances of reaching prospects' inboxes.

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Reach out to prospects with confidence

Increasing your chances of landing in the inbox increases your chances of closing deals.

Simple solution: upload your prospect lists and verify email addresses using our contact verification tool. Ensure you only reach out to valid and active email addresses.

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Better email deliverability

Email authentication helps build trust with both email service providers (ESPs) and prospects.

Simple solution: use our email authentication tools to ensure all your records are configured correctly. This positively influences ESPs to deliver your emails to the inbox.

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SPF Record

By publishing SPF records, you help mail servers authenticate the source of your emails. This reduces the likelihood of your emails being marked as spam.

DKIM Record

DKIM records add a digital signature to your emails. This signature is verified by the recipient's mail server, ensuring the email is authentic and not tampered with.

DMARC Record

DMARC records help you monitor and enforce email authentication policies. They also provide feedback on your email authentication practices.

Stay off blacklists

Make sure your domain and sending servers are not blacklisted. Being blacklisted stops your emails from reaching the inbox.

Simple solution: use our blacklist checker to monitor your domain and email sending servers. We automatically check your connected domains and email accounts every 24 hours.

Blacklist checker tool screenshot

Email health monitoring

Monitor your domain and see how emails sent from it are being handled by receiving mail servers, and take action when needed.

Simple solution: use our DMARC reports to gain aggregated insights into your email authentication practices. Get access to current and historical data of your DMARC passes and fails.

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