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Supercharge your email health.

Whether you're looking to boost open rates, improve sender reputation, engagement, we offer a suite of features designed to power up your email game.

DMARC Insights & Aggregation

Monitor your DMARC reports to ensure compliance across all your email sending campaigns. Get access to real-time reporting and multiple dashboards.

Email Testing & Optimization

Receive a comprehensive breakdown and score of your email, analyzing 162 different potential data points. Fine-tune your email copy for optimal deliverability before sending.

Inbox Placement Tests

Perform ad-hoc or scheduled inbox placement tests for top email providers to ensure you're landing in the inbox.

Contact Verification & Cleaning

Perform real-time email validation and listing cleaning to minimize bounce rates and enhance campaign deliverability.

Blacklist Monitoring

Monitor all known blacklists and receive immediate notifications when your domain or sending servers are blacklisted.

Email Authentication Tools

Lookup and generate SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records with ease and without fuss. We support all modern providers.

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Email Health Consulting

Setup & Configuration

Let our team of experts handle the SPF, DKIM, and DMARC setup for all your domains. We'll manage your email infrastructure.

Monitoring & Reporting

We'll monitor your email health and provide you with detailed reports on a regular basis.

Frequently asked questions

Email health and monitoring is the practice of ensuring that your email infrastructure is secure, reliable, and compliant with industry standards.

Get real-time insights into email delivery, inbox placement, sender reputation, and email authentication protocols to ensure that your emails reach the inbox.

Email health is important because it directly impacts your email deliverability, sender reputation, and overall email marketing success.

By monitoring and maintaining your email health, you can ensure that your emails are delivered to the inbox, avoid being marked as spam, and protect your domain reputation.

Email authentication is the process of verifying that an email message is sent from a legitimate sender and has not been tampered with during transit. It helps identify legitimate emails, and prevents email spoofing, phishing, and domain impersonation.

You can improve your email health by implementing email authentication protocols such as SPF, DKIM, and DMARC, monitoring your email deliverability and sender reputation, and regularly cleaning your email list to reduce bounce rates and improve engagement.

Yes, we have a DNS checker tool that allows you to monitor DNS records such as MX, SPF, DKIM, and DMARC records for your domain. You can use this tool to verify that your email authentication records are correctly configured and to troubleshoot any issues.

Yes we do. Get an assessment that will categorize emails into different compliance levels: None, Quarantine, and Reject.

Email health and monitoring is beneficial for all industries. Whether you're sending a few hundred emails or millions of emails per month, monitoring the health of your email ecosystem is incredibly important.

It helps ensure your emails are delivered to the inbox, protects your domain reputation, which improves customer engagement, increase conversions, and drives revenue. Maximize your email deliverability and ROI with email health and monitoring.

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